A New Way of Learning

First Steps in the Trump Era

In order to face the challenges of the 21st century, the education system has had to modify the methodologies of the teaching and learning process. One of the fundamental general competencies established for education by UNESCO is ‘learning to learn’ (Delors, 1996; Bokova, 2015), this is the ability to pursue and persist in learning, managing one’s own learning including effective management of time and information.

Furthermore, new global contexts require education centres to provide the students not only with the ability to learn but also with motivation, tools and strategies for lifelong learning, matching with the goal settled by UNESCO, with the aim of developing learner autonomy and flexible mindset in order for the students to face the current educational and job market.

This new educational aspect comes directly from the needs of the different social and technological changes. Young people face a society and responsibilities that cause them significant motivation problems, it is, therefore, the task of teachers and schools to find new ways to motivate and promote the educational development of students. Using digitization as a tool to help develop individual skills, rather than simply as a means of entertainment, is key to student development. Likewise, it is of crucial importance that soft skills are worked on, to encourage teamwork and the correct development of feelings and emotions.

In short, it is necessary to have a new academic model, based on new technologies and the need for students to feel comfortable and motivated to learn and develop on their own, with the support of the teaching team.

ENDIGI_VET is a  project whose main objective is to contribute to the social insertion of  Vocational Training for students who lack basic digital skills. The project focuses on groups that have fallen behind in terms of technology and, although they are studying, they are not motivated to take or continue in courses that enable the acquisition of basic digital competencies.