Encouraging digital competencies
for VET learners in Europe


About the EndigiVET Project

EndigiVET is a European project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The general objective of this project is to improve the level of digital competence of these groups to guarantee the completion of their studies and avoid their social and labour exclusion.

To achieve this general objective, the following specific objectives are proposed:


Main Objectives


Identify the reasons that prevent or hinder the access of VET learners to training in basic digital competences and what the strategies used by guidance and training professionals are.

Develop a motivational methodology to reach VET learners during the orientation and training phases.
Online Course
Develop an online course aimed at guidance and teaching professionals to share and disseminate the motivation methodology created.
Test the online course and the methodology among the project partners and collaborating entities or professionals to testitand improve it.
Digital Skills
Develop a course of basic digital skills that are framed within a curriculum that adapts to the Foundation level of DigComp and that follows the guidelines of the motivation methodology.
Pilot Courses
Carry out 4 pilot courses to test and improve the course with the feedback received.
Reach a greater number of people so that they are interested, register and complete the basic digital skills course.
Disseminate EndigiVET results throughout the entire project. More specifically, we frame this project in line with the "European Skills Agenda for sustainable competitiveness, social equity and resilience", which was presented by the European Commission in July 2020 and which focuses on twelve actions to guarantee the right to training and lifelong learning, this being one of the European Pillars of Social Rights.

New Technologies

Motivation & use of New Technologies

Both motivation and the use of new technologies are key to full academic development. Digitization is of enormous importance for the correct development of VET training, which is why the ENDIGI VET project plays a crucial role in the development of trainers and learners.

Learning Provision

The EndigiVET learning provision includes:

A course in motivation methodology will be offered to counsellors and trainers.
A course in basic digital competencies aimed at VET learners. The course will make use of the developed motivation methodology and of the curriculum developed and adapted to the circumstances of the target group of the project.

It will also be based on the Foundation level of the European DigComp framework and will be tested by the project partners through various pilot courses.


Target Groups

Target Groups: Who will benefit?

VET learners who have no prior knowledge or interest in digital competences. Specially groups who are in a situation of social exclusion, where they face several difficulties to integrate in today's society, both on a personal level and in terms of completing their studies and searching for a job.


Who is implementing
EndigiVET project?

The EndigiVET project brings together 4 partners from 4 EU countries, (Cyprus, Greece, Spain, UK) mixing knowledge in the fields of VET education and the way it is connected with the labour market, with expertise in career and skills development.

The project is coordinated by the FTSI in Spain.



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